Where Anti-racism Meets Brands

Helping brand and communications professionals tackle racism in a meaningful and sustainable way. 

Hi, I'm Collette.

A brand strategist and anti-racism expert who talks to commercial brands about racism, branding, how the two intersect and the way that impacts the world around us. My lifelong commitment to justice inspired a career helping household names work towards anti-racism and equity, and now I also inspire others by sharing my personal and professional experiences.

Everything I do stems from a desire to show up for Black people at scale, so my work is squarely focused on dismantling the white supremacist, patriarchal and capitalist structures that uphold oppression at every level possible.

My goal is not to make conversations about race more palatable for the masses, but I do lead honest discussions with those willing to confront, unpack and move beyond their ugliest beliefs.

If you’re ready to be open and consistent, I can help you create lasting change.

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