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Let’s talk about systems of oppression, learn about them and be about making them change.

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Anti-racism Is A Lifelong
Commitment To Change

It’s time to shake up your sources of inspiration when it comes to building and sustaining antiracist brands. Diversity optics and acronym-ridden pledges are tired and ineffective. You need brave ideas, fresh perspectives and straight-talking objectives that will get your business where it needs to be.

Whether that’s re-evaluating how you action anti-racism or understanding the benefits of taking an entrepreneurial mindset at work, my talks resonate deeply and make change feel exciting, and more importantly, achievable.

Some of my most popular speaking topics:

How to build an anti-racist brand. I believe that brands have a responsibility to the world. Hear how brands can drive anti-racism and social justice and show up credibly, authentically and in a way that has equity at its heart. You'll leave ready to take action to drive change!

The power of personal brand for the Global Majority. Building a powerful personal brand is a useful asset for anyone – but if you’re from an minoritised community, it’s a workplace must. Learn how to lead and thrive as your best self, and attract opportunities that bring out the best of who you are.

How to be changemaker. Driving change isn’t easy. But we often relinquish the power we do have to others or take a passive stance when we have the ability to do brilliant things and make an impact.  After this talk, you’ll be fired up and ready to be the change you want to see!

Entrepreneurial Thinking and Mindset. Entrepreneurs have vision, take calculated risks, take ownership and are accountable. Learn how to embed the innovative, learning and growth mindset of an entrepreneur, no matter who you work for or what you do.

“Your balance and calm nature definitely got the group to contribute but you did it in a safe way – it felt bold but never felt compromised, nor did anyone at any time felt put on the spot – crucial for the difficult topics we covered.”
Louise Robinson
Head of Breakthrough,  Santander UK PLC
“Collette is able to deliver sometimes harsh home truths, but in a way that is positive, solution-based and impossible to disagree with.”
Maria St Louis
4Sales Diversity Taskforce Co-Chair and
Chair of C4 Collective, Channel 4
“We don’t spend enough time thinking about ourselves and it was nice to stop and have the time to do this.”
Personal Brand Workshop Attendee
“Thanks to your lightning-fast synthesis, we gained a greater team awareness of PIDG’s goals, challenges, and opportunities.”
Communications Manager
Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG)

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